Ecologies of Style 2

The second meeting of the Ecologies of Style reading group will continue discussion of Jeff Dolven’s Senses of Style.

Friday I4, Corpus Christi, 1.30 – 3.00. Group is open to doctoral students, post-docs and research colleagues.

Contact: Drew Milne,



“I should likewise have been glad, if you had applied yourself a little more to the study of the English language, than I fear you have done; the neglect whereof is one of the most general defects among the scholars of this kingdom, who seem not to have the least conception of a style, but run on in a flat kind of phraseology, often mingled with barbarous terms and expressions, peculiar to the nation: Neither do I perceive that any person, either finds or acknowledges his wants upon this head, or in the least desires to have them supplied. Proper words in proper places, make the true definition of a style. But this would require too ample a disquisition to be now dwelt on…” Jonathan Swift, Letter to a Young Clergyman (1720)


Reading List in Progress: (this outline reading list will be updated and checked from time to time, and is here only in draft form.)

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