The Judith E Wilson Centre for Poetics is a research centre in the Faculty of English, University of Cambridge. The Centre seeks to develop new and original research into the practices of poetry. Cambridge has been a centre for the art of poetry, criticism of poetry and poetics for centuries and this new centre seeks to offer a new focus to the many ongoing forms of theory and practice active in Cambridge. In particular, the Centre seeks to foster new connections between the Judith E Wilson Visiting Poetry Fellow, the University and the wider community of Cambridge. The founding members and steering group of the Centre are Mina Gorji, Alex Houen, Rod Mengham, Drew Milne and Amy Morris.

The initial conceptual umbrella and research focus for the Centre for Poetics is to work on cultures and ecologies of translation.

Susan Howe, J.H. Prynne & Trevor Joyce outside the Drama Studio.


Part of the impetus behind setting up the Judith E Wilson Centre for Poetics was to provide an umbrella for the range of practices, events and activities associated with poetry and poetics in and around the Faculty of English, many of which have been, in part, funded by the Judith E Wilson Fund. In due course, this website will document various memories, pictures and stories of past events and current work.

9 West Road, Faculty of English, photographed in 2000.


Welcome to the Biotariat, exhibition curated by Drew Milne in the Faculty of English, 2017.


Polyphonic Poetry event, curated by Lee Ann Brown, 2018.


Polyphonic Poetry Festival, 2018, curated by Lee Ann Brown.
Visual Poetics, exhibition curated by Redell Olsen, 2014